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New exclusive financial app
with innovative services!

It’s Simple,Cheap and Secure

Exchange, Send, Receive and even start saving money

What makes TotiPay different?

You can transfer money to your family and loved ones via the TotiPay app.

With TotiPay, you will receive your transfer easily through our global network of agents and points of sale located in more than 50 countries.

Reliable money transfer around the world, so we are working to develop our global network of authorised agents which will provide excellent customer satisfaction.

Our customers have complete control over the account and can simply exchange between currencies, send or receive money to and from the wallet, obtain a prepaid card, and much more.

Send Money Fast

Receive it Faster!

Get Great Rates

and Low Fees

Only 3 steps to start transferring money

Register on the app and
activate your account

Add money to
your wallet

Start transferring

Send money with simple steps

Our Customer has all the control within his account, and they can Exchange,Send, Receive and even start saving money using the app, it’s Simple, Cheap and Secure.

Need to Shop Online?

2Pay Provides you a great card to shop online withought limit’s

Save your money .. Buy Gold!

It is now easy to start saving your money by buying gold within the 2Pay app, and keeping the gold in your wallet, at competitive prices and with complete ease.

What is featured by TotiPay?


have a peace of mind with our
strong security systems and
trusted partners

Financial Services

Financial services for individuals
and businesses.

Local Transfer

Local money transfer in several
different ways.

International Transfer

International financial transfer for
individuals and pre-defined entities
within the portfolio.


Simply connects everyone with everyone
at home, and connects the inside with the
outside with ease and convenience through
highly reliable banking and financial services.

Ease and Diversity

Transferring from the customer’s account
to another customer’s account with the
click of a button, by QR code or one-time
security password (OTP)

Our Current International Presence

Through a network of banks and financial companies, our network is presented in more than 50 countries around the world such as all of Europe, United Kingdom, North America, Usa, Canada also the Middle East’.

Banking and Financial Services

Secure Cloud Computing

TotiPay relies on secure cloud computing technology, which provides all its subscribers with easy access to their accounts from anywhere in the world.

We are with you everywhere!

With a promising future plan and high ambition, we are heading to enhance the spread of our network and agents across the world
and build a secure financial bridge that ensures the provision of remittance services at a high and advanced level for all.

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