With TotiPay App

Complete your financial affairs from international transfers,
issuing cards Buying gold, banking between currencies and many more.

Deposit Money

You can fund money to your TotiPay account, either by debit card or bank transfer, then funds shall be credited into your account.

Transfer to the Beneficiary List

You can easily transfer cash to one of the beneficiaries you saved before, without having to enter their details again, whether the transfer is local or international.

International Transfer

A world without borders! Transfer money through our application to more than 50 countries around the world with easy steps and high security, and receive it quickly through a network of authorised bodies.

With many advantages such as receiving foreign currency, instant refund, limited commissions, competitive prices and no hidden fees/cost.

Request Money

You can request money from your friend or a TotiPay user through the money request service, which enables you to request any amount from your contacts with ease.

A message will be sent to your friend or TotiPay user, who can transfer the amount to your wallet through the application.

Transfer between Wallets

Transfer money from your wallet to another users wallet with easy and simple steps, and in different currencies, and your transfer will arrive immediately to the their wallet.

Transfer to a Bank Account

You can transfer money from your wallet VIA the application to any bank account, by entering your bank account information, and the money will reach your account faster than expected!

*This service is currently only available to UK customers.

Virtual Prepaid Card

Without complications and without the need for a bank account, you can get a prepaid (virtual) card that enables you to buy and pay online with ease, with limited commissions when shipping only.Without complications and without the need for a bank account, you can get a prepaid (virtual) card that enables you to buy and pay online with ease, with limited commission.

Buy Gold

Save your money by buying and investing in gold within the TotiPay application, the application provides you with the ability to buy gold and keep it within your wallet, at competitive prices and with limited commissions.

You can also sell gold at any time at your convenient time, by converting it into different currencies, such as the US dollar or the euro.

Currency Exchange

TotiPay app provides you with the service of transferring and banking between the most important international currencies such as (the US dollar, the Canadian dollar, the British pound .. and others) at competitive prices.

You can also create multiple portfolios in different currencies.

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